Randoland in Puylaroque



Fun walks for young and old

Conceived as a treasure hunt, the playful discovery takes place in the village of Puylaroque. The search for clues to solve the enigma takes place in complete autonomy and allows your children to be the guide-explorers of the stroll.

Puylaroque ” Pella Roca ” is an ancient fortified village whose history remains little known. In 940, the testament of a monk mentions Puylaroque.
It was after the capture and destruction of Puylaroque by the Crusaders in 1209 that the village was built and developed. Between 1360 and 1369, Quercy belonged to the English. During the Wars of Religion the village was successively Catholic and Protestant. In 1648 the first land register of the village was drawn up and the church of St Jacques became a parish. The seigneury became a marquisate in 1682.
In 1808, Puylaroque, which was then in the Lot, became part of the newly created Tarn-et-Garonne. Between 1865 and 1880, the village had 1,800 inhabitants.
After being depopulated, Puylaroque now welcomes a young and dynamic population, confident in the future of the village.

Spoken languages : French

Equipement & services

  • Car park


Difficulty Children

Randoland in Puylaroque

82240 Puylaroque

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