Baludik course – Puylaroque up and down



The Pays Midi Quercy and the Quercy Caussadais Tourist Office invites you to go on a treasure hunt. It will allow you to discover the village of Puylaroque and its history.

Baludik, a cool mobile app for teenagers and families! Go on an adventure with two visitors from the future, Jonas ans Lyra, whom you may have already met in another connected game. They were charged with bringing the knowledge of the past back to their time. When Jonas and Lyra make a stopover in Puylaroque, the joker spirit of the village, intrigued by their arrival, has fun by casting a spell on them. The landscape turns and blurs and then suddenly… the world is upside down! The sky and the earth have swapped places, everything is reversed! Jonas and Lyra need your help to continue their journey. Armed with your phone, look for the clues hidden in Puylaroque, solve the riddles and find the right answers! The quest is about 1 kilometer long and lasts for around 1 hour. Download the Baludik application on your mobile phone (it’s free), go to the place, and the adventure begins…

Spoken languages : English, French

Prices & payment

  • Free access.

Equipement & services

  • Pets welcome


Difficulty Teenagers

Baludik course – Puylaroque up and down
82240 Puylaroque

Route & access

05 63 26 04 04