Our local products

Our local products

Here are all your favorite Quercy Caussadais products!
To take back in your luggage, as a gift for friends and family or simply for your own pleasure.
Find what you’re looking for and take a little bit of Quercy Caussadais home with you…

# A hat

A hat for every occasion

This is one skill that we’ve mastered since 1789, characteristic of the region… You can place your full faith in the beautiful, unique, high-quality works of art that we make with our own hands just for you!

Perhaps a hat, or a cap? In felt, velvet or cork? The choice is yours in Caussade:

Willy’s Paris
Hats Blocks Laforest workshop


# A bottle of wine

To be tasted with friends

The Quercy vineyards offers the promise of a unique experience. The colorful and very fruity Coteaux du Quercy wines received the PDO label in 2011. Come and meet our winegrowers, who are passionate about their work! Share, taste and find the right bottle, boxed wine or gift pack for you:

The Quercy winemaking cooperative in Montpezat-de-Quercy
Wines sold directly by producers from their estates

# Foie gras

Regional know-how

Ensuring the ducks’ well-being is a permanent concern!

Our duck foie gras from southwest France respects the departmental “Tradition Foie Gras” charter. The ducks are raised in the open air, according to traditional practices, in a calm and peaceful environment.
If you want to taste authentic foie gras from southwest France, your best bet is to go and get it from a producer:

Our producers of foie gras

©Cabos prunes

# Cabos prunes

Quality craftsmanship

Since 1925, Cabos has been producing and processing prunes using traditional practices. The family business takes good care of its orchards to ensure the fruit develops the most subtle of flavors. The plums are picked from these trees at full maturity, then sorted and dried on the same day they are harvested in their own ovens!

Everyone enjoys a prune, both young or old, as an aperitif, in a jam or spread, or stuffed!

Cabos prunes in Mirabel

# A ceramic accessory

Artistic, decorative, practical and high-quality

Since 2012, Emeline has been designing beautiful unique works created from stoneware and porcelain. She designs, throws, shapes, engraves, glazes and even does her own firing! She has received a “best apprentice in France” award for her ceramic decoration.

Emeline also offers gift vouchers for a 90-minute throwing and modeling workshop, an ideal gift for the curious…

Emeline Geoffroy, contemporary ceramist in Montpezat-de-Quercy

# Truffles

The black diamond of Quercy

“Tuber melanosporum,” more commonly known as the truffle, is a food appreciated by connoisseurs. This very fragrant mushroom, harvested with the help of dogs and pigs, is a jewel of Quercy gastronomy!

Its unique fragrance spreads throughout the markets from December to March.

– At the big market held on Monday in Caussade from December to March or at Vins sur 20.

# A beehive product

Sweet treats with real virtues

Giani raises his bees on the hillsides of Quercy. They collect nectar and honey for the whole family thanks to the beekeeper’s know-how!
You will find tasty beehive products directly at his farm: local honey, gingerbread, nougat, propolis, fresh pollen, royal jelly, soaps, mead, wax, candles, etc.

Bee au Top, apiary at Fontabeille in Puylaroque

# Quercy Pastis

THE dessert that foodies will love

The Quercy Pastis is a very fine dessert that Michèle has been preparing with passion for 15 years! Delicacy and know-how are the watchwords for making this pastry dish with its ancient history and well-kept secrets.

A thin pastry spread over a whole table, apples… and some secret ingredients. An explosion in the mouth guaranteed!

Michèle Cavaillé in Lavaurette

# Saint Amans Gin

As a cocktail, aperitif or digestif, for enthusiasts!

Anne loves growing fruits, flowers and herbs, while Jean-Louis is fascinated by grape marc (a by-product of wine making). It is this clever combination of skills that laid the perfect foundation for creating their own gin!

To be tasted and shared with others! Available in large and small bottles, with pretty glasses and cocktail recipes, plus gift boxes and special offers for your family and friends…

Saint Amans Gin in Molières

# Donkey milk soap

Renowned for its many virtues

Care for yourself and your friends and family with quality, healthy and pleasurable products!

These soaps and other toiletries are crafted by Christelle, thanks to her donkeys—Princesse, Banjo and Martin—and her know-how. Her soaps are natural and contain no parabens or other toxic products!

Savons du Sud-Ouest in Lavaurette

# The Caussadaise

Often imitated, never equaled...

The “Galette Caussadaise” is a cake created in 1955 by Yves Cournille. The Cournille bakery now makes over 4 tons of it every year, the equivalent of about 8,000 cakes

I This particularly delicious dessert is made from a slice of brioche dough cooked in the oven then cut in two and filled with pastry cream. Children and adults both love this cake, which disappears quickly! Everyone will be happy. Hurry in to try some:

Maison Cournille in Caussade

# Saffron

Quercy red gold

Cultivated in Quercy since the Middle Ages, saffron production reached its peak in the 15th/18th centuries. And cultivation of Quercy saffron was relaunched just a few years ago!
Farming of Crocus sativus is a delicate affair and the harvest takes place in October/November. 20 flowers are needed to make one gram (0.03 oz.) of dry saffron!

Denise Soulier’s saffron in Caussade, on sale at the tourist office and at 5 rue Bourdelle, and on Monday mornings from December to March at the Caussade market

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