Lère Park

Located between Caussade and Monteils, Lère Park is an ideal place to relax with the family.
You’ll find a beautiful natural area with remarkable fauna and flora. Shaped by humans and time, Lère Park is spread serenely over 135 acres of land.


An island of greenery, a protected space

This vast green, lakeside space is located in a protected area where work is done to preserve and promote the wild fauna and flora. It is a true haven of peace and an ideal setting for relaxation, offering many leisure options in the heart of nature: fishing, games for children, cycling, a fitness and orienteering trail, picnic areas, etc.

Remarkable fauna and flora

The thousands of trees and waterside shrubs and the four lakes have provided shelter for fauna and flora to develop in these wetlands. Lère Park thus preserves a rich biodiversity on the ground, in the air and in the water.

Discover the local emblematic birds

In Lère Park, you will find a diversity ofemblematic birds, including a large colony of geese, ducks, egrets, herons and great cormorants.

Outdoor activities for all

Walking, mountain biking and horseback riding, in complete freedom

Take the hiking trails that lead you to Lère Park, follow the lakes and trails, and you will come across some remarkable sites, offering a great diversity of natural environments, wooded areas, lakes, flowering fields, etc.

Discover the pleasures of fishing

In the shaded areas of Lère Park, there are several fishing areas: a family area, a catch and release area with black bass, two float tube areas, and a trout pond.

Catch and release

Lère Park has a fishing catch and release area. It was developed as part of the “multi-fishing” complex offered at Lère Park. This area focuses on black bass fishing. Pike, pike perch and perch are also present in this stretch of water.

Sports activities for all

Whether you’re a skater, biker, model-making fan or jogger, there’s something for you!
An orienteering course for all levels covers the whole park and there are also sports facilities!

Evasion Cable Park

Want some thrills? Satisfy your curiosity at one end of the lake with the Evasion Cable Park, where you can try your hand at wakeboarding, or perhaps a paddle board or towed buoy. There is also a snack bar and terrace. Its creators, Ben and Batiste, have even thought to set up a pétanque area!

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