Blue Trumpet Festival

Blue, like the Quercy Blanc sky!

The Blue Trumpet Festival is an eco-friendly event that celebrates the region, promotes music and regional produce
and encourages artistic creation.

Blue Trumpet Festival

A must-see event for jazz lovers and fans of music, offering a cocktail of blue notes by the big names in jazz and by new generations.

The festival is launched on a given day in June, during which events are held in the daytime with a concert and meal in the evening at a winegrower’s estate or in a small square in the village. You can also enjoy four evenings of free outdoor concerts during the third week of July, with a gourmet market on the first evening. At the closing evening, held in October, there is an indoor concert and meal.
And throughout the summer a temporary exhibition is set up in the streets of the village of Montpezat-de-Quercy.

Blue Trumpet in pictures

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