On land & in the air

Explore the thousand and one pleasures on offer in Quercy Caussadais! Its generous nature and character and rich landscapes will reveal all their secrets in the course of your walks and hikes. Whether on foot, horseback or mountain bike, you’ll enjoy a rich historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage, to the delight of young and old alike…


A region waiting to be discovered

The hilly, green and predominantly agricultural Quercy Caussadais landscape is a particularly suitable choice for hiking. Its small paths, hedges, copses and cultivated fields are all great places for walking.


Many marked trails

We have recommendations for 2.5 to 7-mile hikes, starting out from different villages for 1 to 3 hours of walking along marked trails where you will discover a variety of landscapes, flora and local heritage.


Topographic guides to find your way around

Pick up a Quercy Caussadais walking and hiking guide from the tourist office explaining 22 walking trails and 3 mountain bike circuits for € 5.

Our certified circuits on CIRKWI :
Saint Georges – Les 4 communes
Septfonds – La Tombe du Géant
Septfonds – Peyrelevade
Monteils – Le parc de la Lère


Good practices when hiking

Never leave your trash in the wild; bring a small bag when you go for a walk.
Never start a fire or unauthorized barbecue!
You can pick flowers, but in moderation…
Respect nature and the fauna and flora that contribute to its biodiversity and beauty.


Hiking safely

To make the most of your nature outings:
– Keep an eye on the weather
– Respect your own pace and that of the other walkers in the group
– Always carry a bottle of water and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink
– Take a small snack with you
– Protect yourself from the sun: sunscreen and a hat
– Wear suitable shoes (sneakers are sufficient for our short hikes)
– In the middle of summer, avoid starting down the trail in the early afternoon; it’s best to go in the morning

Good to know

There are hiking associations that offer hikes throughout the year in Quercy Caussadais and beyond. Find out more at the tourist office.

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