Quercy wines

What could be more pleasant than discovering a hitherto unknown place, landscape, history or
wine, like a treasure unearthed during a recent adventure? Discover our Coteaux du Quercy wines…


A traditional wine

The AOC Coteaux du Quercy wines are not as famous as their neighbors, the Cahors, Gaillac and Languedoc wines, but they offer a little more soul and it is this that makes them so special.

The winegrowers in Quercy are proud to live in a region that they have successfully preserved and enjoy sharing this with you. The Quercy wine-growing area covers more than 310 acres and 38 communes, including 17 communes in the Lot and 21 in Tarn-et-Garonne.

These vineyards are situated in the world’s largest winemaking region: Occitanie.

An ancestral culture

Vines have always been planted since ancient times, but their cultivation did not develop until the 19th century, on the ecclesiastical lands of the numerous abbeys and in particular at Montpezat-de-Quercy. The Quercy region was then covered with vines producing table grapes, and production of the golden Chasselas from Moissac competed with the wine-grape vines.

Unfortunately, these vineyards were almost totally destroyed by the phylloxera crisis in 1876.
But a new generation of bold and motivated men and women then began maintaining and preserving the identity of this Quercy wine-growing area and revived the wine tradition in 1969. The AOC Coteaux du Quercy was created in 2011

Coteaux du Quercy wines

Just the right amount of character

The soil in our terroirs, in which the vines are happy to put down roots, is an aerated chalky clay soil that drain well. Nature luxuriates on the plateaus and hillsides, where on the sunniest slopes fields of melons compete with vines. Grape varieties include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cot, Tannat, and Gamay, and they result in unique wines. The vines are worked traditionally, from season to season, giving fruity rosé wines and pleasant well-balanced red wines.

It should be clear that here, Taste is essential!

Coteaux du Quercy wines are colorful and very fruity. With a fleshy mouth-feel and a supple attack, they reveal pleasant aromas of raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant, underlined by subtle floral and peppered notes. Coteaux du Quercy red wines are rich in “good tannins” and become rounder with age. Coteaux du Quercy rosé wines are a beautiful lively and clear pink color. They have a powerful, predominantly floral and fruity nose. On the palate, these rosé wines combine a supple attack with a perfect balance, full of vivacity.

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