What can you do if it rains?

Top 6 things to do

Gray weather is on the horizon and you don’t know what to do? Here are some ideas to prevent getting bored.
Discover 6 things you can do on a rainy day and which don’t involve screens.


Put on your “Canoguide”

Immerse yourself in history and discover the secrets of straw hat-making with L’Épopée Chapelière in Caussade. This fun and interactive museum offers an immersive tour involving use of a straw boater with earphones – your own personal guide.


Decipher history

Discover the astonishing history of Dieudonné Costes, a crack pilot during the First World War, and how the industrial development of Septfonds is linked to the hat trade. Then decipher Spain’s history and the great migratory flows occurring in the Second World War during the Retirada at the La Mounière Heritage Remembrance Museum in Septfonds.


Be carried away by art

Immerse yourself in art in a temporary Quercy Caussadais exhibition. Various places regularly host temporary exhibitions.


Let off steam and recharge your batteries

Swim a few lengths and enjoy the wellness area at the Quercy’O Aquatic Center in Caussade.


Enjoy a film

Discover the Caussade Cinema, which offers an original program on different themes. There is a vast choice of films to satisfy all audiences, and you will also find popular art house films.

Or you might want to check out the theater in Septfonds, Le Florida.


Share and reinvent yourself

Have a look at all the cultural sites in Quercy Caussadais:
game nights, tales for young children, exhibitions, cultural events, etc.

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