Theater and Music Festival

Are you looking for music and laughter? Lots of outdoor events are organized at the
Carré des Chapeliers throughout the summer season, promising a happy and festive vacation in Caussade!

The Theater Festival

Every year, in early August, the curtain lifts! The Quercy’Prod association proposes a theater festival with free shows. The event takes place at around 9:30 pm at Les Récollets at the Carré des Chapeliers (or at Espace Bonnaïs in the event of bad weather).
There is singing, dancing and comedy, a variety of entertaining performances presented by talented actors!

Musical Rendezvous

Every year, on a number of summer evenings, the Carré des Chapeliers turns up the music and beats out the rhythm! The musical rendezvous organized by the municipality offers a quality program for all tastes, whether you prefer opera, pop, jazz, rock or even accordion music. Enjoy the surprises as they come for a fantastic musical experience!

The Theater and Music Festival in pictures