Septfonds, a land of stone and straw, of remembrance, with a past dating all the way back to prehistory. The many dolmens attest to this very ancient human presence.


Septfonds, a former hat-making town

This village in southwest France benefits from the creative spirit of Petronille Cantecor, who created the straw braid used to make the hats. From the beginning of the 19th century, Petronille Cantecor and her descendants put the village on the map and brought in wealth through the development of its hat industry. Thousands of people worked in hats when it was a fashion.

One of the families working in the hat trade was that of Dieudonné Costes.
In 1927, the famous Septfonds aviator Dieudonné Costes made the first crossing of the Atlantic. The inhabitants of Septfonds are right to be proud of their crack pilot!
But the prosperity of the village waned in 1939, when the government decided to set up the Jude (or Septfonds) Camp for the internment of refugees fleeing the Spanish war. With this, Septfonds turned a new page in its history.

Discover the history of Septfonds

Stroll through the streets and visit the La Mounière Heritage Remembrance Museum to learn more about the history of the hat trade, the reception of refugees from the Retirada and the life of Dieudonné Costes.

Septfonds is a bastide with a past that dates back to prehistory.

15 dolmens attest to this very ancient human presence.
Why not search for them?

Follow the small paths and enjoy the stroll. Discover the wash-houses, bridges and the church of Septfonds.

Did you know that the village was named after the presence of seven springs? In Occitan we say “sét-fonts”!


The Le Florida theater

The Le Florida Theater offers a rich and diverse program that is full of emotion: cabarets, comedy plays, shows for the young, trips down
memory lane, etc.

Come and enjoy, laugh or cry, and applaud the ambitious artists!


Le Saint-Mamet d’Eux

Le Saint-Mamet d’Eux is a hotel restaurant in the heart of the village of Septfonds. The cuisine is imaginative and is served in a friendly atmosphere.

I Heart Pizza

The pizzas here are made with fresh dough and quality ingredients.


Domaine de Fangal​

Domaine de Fangal is located in the heart of a small forest, a peaceful oasis far from the tumult of the city and main roads. A charming spot in a dovecote, a true love nest with an enchanting cozy interior!

Enjoy the swimming pool and the 25 acres of outdoor space to recharge your batteries.

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